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Relax Everyone, Lea Michele Is Not Pregnant

Jul 4 2014 - 9:07am

Lea Michele [1] is the latest star to get her Twitter account hacked. The Glee actress tweeted an unexpected message on Thursday, writing, "Before this gets out to the media, I would like to announce to my fans that I am pregnant #BabyBoy." However, Lea's rep has denied that the star is pregnant and said that her account has been hacked [2]. The "announcement" came after Lea was spotted showing PDA with her new boyfriend, Matthew Paetz [3]. It also came less than a day after her friend and costar Chris Colfer's Twitter account announced that he was leaving Glee for "personal issues." Chris's rep told POPSUGAR that his account had been hacked [4] and that he will be returning to Glee next season. He later joked about his account getting hacked [5], writing, "Apparently I missed quite the INTERESTING day while aboard my flight. I'm just glad I wasn't 'killed by a fruit truck' again."

Source: Getty/Paul Zimmerman [6]

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