Do you like looking at handsome actors in pretty suits? Then last night's Oscars must be right up your alley! Yes, it's true, the men for the most part played it safe but there's no way to complain about seeing the likes of Clooney and Dempsey at their most dapper. Yum. Javier Bardem didn't walk with his girlfriend Penelope Cruz, but he looked confident on his way in to win his little gold man. Check out all the winners here! Johnny Depp is always a favorite so he could have shown up in jeans — no complaints. Sure, they may not be as colorful or exciting (or red!) as all the ladies red carpet looks, but with all these men there's gotta be a little manjoyment for everyone here. It's just a question of which one suits (get it?!) your fancy?

To see all the men on the red carpet including Casey Affleck, Harrison Ford, Josh Brolin, Steve Carell, Seal, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and many others just read more

Johnny Depp

Daniel Day-Lewis

Patrick Dempsey


Josh Brolin

Harrison Ford

Steve Carell

James McAvoy

Colin Farrell

Keith Urban

Julian Schnabel

John Travolta

Louis Gossett Jr.

Antonio Sabato Jr.

Tom Wilkinson

Viggo Mortensen

Dennis Hopper


George Clooney

Javier Bardem

Tommy Lee Jones

Steven Cojocaru

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Cash Warren

Josh Lucas

Jason Bateman

Casey Affleck

Forest Whitaker

Wesley Snipes

Paul Dano

Philip Seymour Hoffman

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