Leighton Meester Filming Gossip Girl With Cop Pictures

Leighton Meester Gets Handcuffed For the Gossip Girl Cameras

Leighton Meester getting arrested while filming Gossip Girl in NYC.

Leighton Meester got handcuffed during a dramatic Gossip Girl scene in NYC's Greenwich Village last night. She was arrested outside of a bar during what appeared to be her character's bachelorette party. Ed Westwick was also involved in the night shoot, and he watched Leighton's interaction with the police officer for the cameras. Leighton and Ed aren't the only stars of the juicy show that have been hard at work, since Blake Lively was also spotted on set this week. She's since returned to Boston, where she's visiting her new flame, Ryan Reynolds. Blake and Ryan's relationship seems to be heating up after she helped him celebrate his 35th birthday and has been spotted hanging out in his trailer while he works on R.I.P.D..