Lena Dunham Milking a Cow in NYC

Why, Yes, Lena Dunham Is, In Fact, Milking a Cow in NYC

Lena Dunham milked a cow as part of an interview on Wednesday.

How does Lena Dunham find zen? Why, with meditation and cow milking, of course! The HBO superstar was interviewed for the Fuse TV show, Billy on the Street, in NYC today, and instead of the standard question-and-answer format, she found herself milking a cow.

Outside of her bovine-related endeavors, we've seen Lena through plenty of interesting lenses lately. As part of Miranda July's We Think Alone project, she shared a series of personal emails from past correspondences. Also, in a recent interview at a David Lynch Foundation event, Lena revealed that she's a master meditator, and that's part of how she stays so sane. When you're done contemplating the mysteries behind meditation and reading through Lena's personal emails, check out the pics from Lena Dunham's cow-milking adventure earlier today.

Source: FameFlynet