Leo sure has come a long way from his child actor days. He's was nominated for an Oscar yesterday for his work in Blood Diamond. It was pretty much a shoe-in for him to get something this year. In fact, he recently got together for an Oscar round-table with such notable actors as Helen Mirren and Brad Pitt. The banter between Brad and Leo was our favorite part. Here's highlights:

Which movie made you want to become an actor?

DICAPRIO: I tried to get an agent when I was around 7. I was a break-dancer and had a mohawk, and I was rejected. I knew I wanted to be an actor, but it wasn't until "This Boy's Life," when I was 16, that I started to research quality films. I remember watching James Dean in "East of Eden." I said to myself, "Wow, I didn't know it was possible to give a performance this good."

PITT: Although you were extraordinary on "Growing Pains."

DICAPRIO: Thank you, buddy. As were you.

Leo, didn't you get thrown off the set of "Romper Room"?

DICAPRIO: Yeah, when I was 3 years old. I ran up to the camera and started shaking it, saying, "Look at me!"

Romper Room - sounds like someone knew they wanted to be a star at a very young age. Now the nominated actor is in the UK for the premiere of Blood Diamond where he is joined by co-stars Jennifer Connelly and Djimon Hounsou. Last time we saw this group together we were speculating about Jennifer's belly. Looks like she could be hiding something again with this dress. For more including Paul Bettany, Jennifer, and Djimon just read more