After the premiere of the 11th hour Leo and his friends moved on to the after-party. Leo looked fabulously polished last night, but he claims that he doesn't waste too much time getting ready for red carpet events. He said, "How long does it take me? Usually 15 minutes, something like that,... And then it's about putting the suit on. I don't have a stylist -- usually it's my assistant who tells me to put this on and I go, 'Okay.'" He also said he won't leave home without his cell phone. Leo is always thinking about new ways to save the planet, so we're not surprised he saves water and energy by making a quick exit from his house every day.

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Images include Tobey Maguire, Lukas Haas, Kate Bosworth, Leonardo DiCaprio, Val Kilmer, Polly Cohen, Leila Conners Petersen, and Nadia Conners.