Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively Bike Riding Pictures

Leonardo and Blake Take Their Romance Onto the Streets For a Bike Ride

Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively in NYC.

It was a day date for Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend, Blake Lively, as they went for a bike ride in NYC in Saturday. The couple were joined on their outing by Leo's frequent cycling companion Lukas Haas. Blake, Leo, and Lukas were kitted out to ride in style — each was on an electric, Swiss-made Stromer that retails for around $2,850! Leo accompanied Blake east to the Big Apple, where production is under way on the upcoming season of Gossip Girl. They were last together out in LA so she could focus on her current big-screen project, Oliver Stone's Savages. He's able to travel with Blake during a break in his own shooting schedule. Soon, though, Leo will be back to work shooting The Great Gatsby.

Source: INFphoto.com

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