Leonardo DiCaprio Premieres Django Unchained in Seoul

Leonardo DiCaprio Suits Up in Seoul For Django Unchained

Leonardo DiCaprio attended the premiere of Django Unchained in Seoul.

Leonardo DiCaprio brought Django Unchained to Seoul today for an afternoon of press and a red carpet premiere. He is currently in the middle of an Asian press tour for the film, which most recently took him to Japan. There, he thrilled a Japanese interviewer with his Jack Nicholson impression. When asked if he does any celebrity impressions, Leo explained that he does "Jack Nicholson eyebrows" and proceeded to mimic his Departed costar's famous visage.

Promoting movies isn't the only thing Leo has been doing in Asia. He has been campaigning hard with the World Wildlife Foundation to ban the ivory trade, and recently secured a victory when the prime minister of Thailand agreed to stop the sale of ivory earlier this week. Leo tweeted, "Thanks to all 1.4 million of you that called on Thailand to end the ivory trade."

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