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Lindsay is Back to a Working Girl

Jan 26 2007 - 9:51am

Lindsay is reportedly enjoying her vacation at Wonderland [0] and the way she does rehab, well who wouldn't love it. LL is taking hikes, lunching on Robertson and grocery shopping. Sounds so normal and yet I was under the assumption that rehab meant being more secluded to make sure you were staying clean. Now LL is all ready to get back to work on the set of I Know Who Killed Me. Apparently she will start filming again today. People reports [1]:

"People were getting a bit antsy about what the status was, so it's pretty thrilling," says the source. "As soon as Lindsay was cleared, they started everything back up again."

The source added that Lohan was likely to resume a full workload, which a rep for the movie described earlier as 13-14 hours a day. "As far as I know, she'll be back on schedule and working a full day," said the source.

We're so glad that LL has decided to seek help. Let's just hope she sticks with it while back on the set and working those long hours! Lots more pics of LL with groceries and going for a little jog, so just

Flynet [2]

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