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Lindsay's Basking in Rehab

Lindsay's Basking in Rehab

Now that Lindsay is calling rehab home for an undetermined amount of time, she's been getting to know the town. This weekend she went leggings out to see Good Luck Chuck (someone should have warned her about that one) and sat around in the sun with friends and FedEx (care package!) boxes. Thank goodness for online shopping, right Linds? She got to know the local stores too, where I assume she picked up the boots she was so excited about she didn't even bother taking the price tag off before wearing. I bet she's undergoing therapy in a more traditional sense these days, but sometimes nothing beats a little retail session.

It goes without saying that it's great to see her healthy and committed to the 'hab, but she still can't get away from the love life rumors. This time, the story is that she got involved with a married man while at Cirque Lodge and is now being named as the other woman in their divorce papers. Ugh, take that story for what it's worth. Now, focusing on the positive - yay for healthy LL. Now, I wonder how long she'll be able to stay away from that amazing LA shopping.





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