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Lindsay Gets Dina into Clubs, Jets to Hang With Jude

Dina and Lindsay (or is the other one Lindsay...I can't tell) seemed to have quite the time together in NY this weekend. It's good to see that Dina is keeping an eye on her recently out of rehab 20-year-old daughter. Or using her to get into partying with her at clubs, either way. Lindsay did tear herself away from mommy dearest late night though, when she spent her time meeting up with none other than Jude Law at new Lower East Side bar, The Box. Lindsay's dad is scheduled to be released from prison today, but who knows whether she'll decide she wants to see him before setting off to London to shoot The Best Time of Our Lives. Well, it sounds like she'll have one new friend in the new city. Hey, Jude is known to like himself a younger party girl, after all.





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