Lindsay Goes Back to her Roots

Could it be that LL is about to go back to her innocent ways? Lindsay was seen with a makeover showing off some gorgeous red locks. Maybe we can pretend she's that same girl from Freaky Friday. Word is she may go more blonde but we hope she doesn't. As for the old LL, well it wouldn't be the same if we didn't mention her diva-like ways. Apparently she is still difficult to work with. In her current film I Know Who Killed Me new diva rumors are brewing. Here's more:

Lohan kept crew members waiting for hours on the set of “I Know Who Killed Me” on Feb. 21, a source told In Touch Weekly.

“When she finally arrived, she said that she needed to take a nap,” the source told the mag.

But Lohan didn’t emerge from her trailer for five hours, and then threw up and immediately went home, says the insider, leaving those left behind to speculate as to what ailed her.

We hope returning to her roots will remind her how she is a talented actress that needs to stay home more at night to get rest so she can work hard on her new films. We'd love to finally be able to focus on her talent rather than her bad rap.