Miss cover girl of the week, Lindsay Lohan, headed to La Scala on Monday to grab some lunch with a few friends. She may not deserve to be featured in so many fashion magazines right now, but LL is still telling her story to everyone who wants to hear it, whether we like it or not. In the March issue of Harper's Bazaar, she talks more about her life before rehab and how much her family means to her. Here are highlights:

  • On being separated from her father, Michael: “Not seeing my father was really hard for me, and not being with my family enough… I wasn’t taking any time to just sit and live and breathe. I was going, going, going, and that ran me down. It was a stressor. It upset me. I didn’t have a father to call, and that was a lot of the pain.”
  • On reaching the breaking point: “I have it in me to go, go, go. I’m still young. I love life. I love music and being around that. I love people, and I’m a very social person. But I also love being home, quiet and normal… I’ve always been a homebody… Seriously… I was just running away from what my home had become.”
  • To see what else LL had to say about her relatives and rehab, just read more

    • On her family: “When I was home last time, I was there. It felt really good. It was nice to be home. I’m a family girl. I love my family. I love them to death. They’re amazing, and that’s something you can’t take for granted.”
    • On what she's learned from rehab: “I’ve learned so much, though, like learning to love my life a different way… and I wasn’t taking the time to feel my feelings. Being away and going to a place where I could learn about that and take the time with a clear mind to get back on the right track was nice.”

    Lindsay sure does love to talk about how much she's changed since rehab, so let's just hope that she's not speaking too soon. We wouldn't mind seeing her land a few magazine covers with a new project to promote instead of being just another pretty face.