Lindsay Lohan + Hayden Panettiere on NYE = Bad News

Lindsay and Hayden partying it up in Capri reminds us of those horrifying pictures of a young Hayden pole dancing with Paris Hilton. While Hayden looked like she was going to remain wholesome and Lindsay appeared to be staying sober, those days may be long gone. Not only has Hayden's relationship with the much older Milo become public, LL looks to be back on the partying scene big time. After Lindsay's documented night of kissing three men, even more pictures surfaced where she is literally on top of the guy on a couch and then half naked the following day on her hotel balcony. Not a good sign. We're so hoping she didn't fall off the wagon already but things aren't looking so great for Lindsay based on this Capri trip. Ugh. Not a good way to start the New Year.

PS - Anyone else think Hayden's dress looks like one of those towel wrap things?





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