The new Harper's Bazaar with Lindsay Lohan is about to hit the newsstands, and we've gotten a peek at how her superhero-themed photoshoot turned out. LL plays the mundane housewife just going about daily routines like laundry and buying groceries with a variety of men. You know, normal things in the life of LL — or at least, that's what she'd like you to think. We heard about how much she likes staying at home these days, and she also opened up about her priorities, career ambitions, and wardrobe. Here's more:

  • On her priorities: "Now, I don't want to go out. The one thing that stops me? What are they going to say if there's a picture? Is it worth it? It's not. Not right now. I need to work."
  • On her musical ambitions: "I'd love to work with Timbaland. I'd love to work with Kanye West, 50 Cent if I could."
  • On her clothing stash: "I have had so many crates in storage, mostly clothes. I open them and it's like shopping — amazing. Stuff I didn't even know I had... I want to do something because it's like, I have so much stuff."

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  • On being surrounded by the right people: "I definitely have gone through a change of people around me because I'm not in the scene as much. My friends have changed, too, and they've grown as well."
  • On conquering her demons: "I always feel like I need a cigarette with coffee. But I'm trying to smoke less."
  • What she says she's looking for: "I'd like to be able to have a private relationship with someone and not have that too exposed, because it's personal. The cameras are constantly there, and they're constantly looking for the negative. So one roll of the eyes and you're deemed drunk. One wrong step, your ankle twists, and you're drunk. They can declare, 'Lindsay drunk in the day!' Which I never was in my life, actually."

Seems like she's working on projecting a cleaner, more wholesome image, but those late nights at the Waverly Inn aren't really helping her get taken more seriously. She's certainly ambitious, so let's just hope she can achieve all of her goals by keeping her focus on what really matters.