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Lindsay Making Enemies Left and Right

This is not a good week for Lindsay. Even though the girl can manage to make a flannel shirt look sexy and scandalous out at Winstons last night, she is not making any new friends. Rumor has it that her Georgia Rule co-star Jane Fonda doesn't want LL's diva behavior at the Atlanta premiere of the movie next month. There's also a new story about Lindsay stealing $10,000 worth of designer clothes from her former friend, model Lauren Hastings while she was off on a shoot. Evidently when Hastings returned home, she texted Lindsay who had a few choice responses. Here's more:

"Lindsay just told her she was delusional and claimed Lauren didn't know what she was talking about. She insisted the items weren't stolen because they did belong to her. Then she'd laughed to her friends about it. She thought the whole thing was hysterical," a source said.

Lindsay texted Lauren that she was a fat b*tch, a friend of Lauren's says. Nicole Richie also chimed in, a source said, and told Lauren that Lindsay would return the clothes after they cut them up!

"Nicole wrote that she and Lindsay were going to cut holes in Lauren's jeans because Lauren was so fat and her jeans didn't fit," our source notes. "Then Nicole told Lauren that if she went to the cops, she would regret it!"

Of course, Lindsay's rep denies the whole thing and we don't blame them - this stuff sounds horrible and so high school. Even if only half of this stuff is true (it's being reported by Star) it doesn't sound good. Hopefully LL will get her act together before she alienates everyone in her life!








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