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Lindsay's New Admirer

Jan 3 2007 - 10:38am

Last week we were surprised to see that LL was hanging out with Scott Storch [0], the music mogul who is often in the company of Paris and Greasy Brandon. They were spotted hanging out until 3 AM at Mansion in Miami and he even let her drive his million dollar Bugatti home. With her driving record, that says a lot! But that's nothing compared to what he gave her for her birthday - a diamond necklace and earrings worth $1 million! Here's more: [1]

Our source says Storch, who has reportedly earned more than $70 million as a music producer, gave Lohan $1 million worth of diamond jewelry as a gift. A spy at Mansion in South Beach said she was adorned with "the sickest diamond necklace and ear rings" and a three-stone diamond ring. Storch "has a total crush on her," claims one insider, while others say "he just wants to do her music." Storch isn't Lohan's only admirer. When she deejayed at Skybar in Miami, two of her exes - Wilmer Valderrama and Jared Leto - were in the crowd and "couldn't keep their eyes off her."

The sober life sure is looking good on LL. Still, I don't know how trustworthy Scott Storch is considering he was an original supporter of the "Firecrotch" craze. Now that LL is clean and sober let's hope she can use some good judgement and not get blinded by all that is flashed in front of her.

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