Lindsay Starts to Prepare us for her 21st Birthday Party in Vegas

Lindsay stopped by Ellen yesterday to chat about American Idol, her puppies, and Georgia Rule. The most entertaining bit was when she was being tested by a bunch of 5th graders. LL actually knew what an adverb was and suprisingly did pretty well for herself (at least better than I expected). Of course it wouldn't be Lindsay if the interview wasn't a little off and since Ellen was in a hospital bed and on painkillers you can imagine the hilarity between the two ladies. As usual, no interview with LL takes place without some sort of partying being mentioned. This time she filled us in on her legal 21st birthday plans. Here's more:

"I'm going to milk it because it's a big birthday," Lohan, who plans to mark the July milestone with a bash in – where else? – Las Vegas, says on Wednesday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Lohan...also tells DeGeneres that she plans to gamble for the first time while in Sin City.

"I'll go and learn," she says.

We bet she has some sponsors already lined up for her big day this summer. In the meantime, Lindsay will have to stick to her other addiction, shopping.



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