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Lindsay Is Still Feigning Sobriety

May 2 2007 - 2:58pm

Lindsay continued to show the love for mini dresses [0] or in this case, what looks like a shirt with the bottom cut off, while hitting up her favorite hot spots last night. Her fashion sense is not nearly as controversial as the "is she or isn't she" debate regarding her partying and underage drinking. She's made it pretty clear on a number of occasions that rehab isn't slowing down her love for the Hollywood nightlife [0] but apparently LL thinks she's pulling a fast one on us. Here's more [1]:


Lohan has laughed off reports that she’s drinking, but a source insists that the actress goes “to great lengths to make sure no one sees her drink” — sometimes having friends buy the drinks so that they don’t show up on her credit-card bills or insisting she never bought the alcohol.

“On three separate occasions, at the end of the night, when all the alcohol was gone, she threw a fit and began crying and denying she ever had ordered the bottles, saying she’s not allowed to drink,” a source told Star. “Now she has her friends order for her — and sometimes she brings her own liquor, which she hides in an oversized purse!”

Well, based on the amount of projects she's dropped out of lately [1], this girl needs to get her act together if she wants to be a serious actress.

Splash [2]

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