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Lions for Lambs Premiere in LA Brings Out the A-Listers

Nov 1 2007 - 11:56pm

Tom Cruise was joined by his friends, family and costars on the red carpet at the premiere of Lions for Lambs [1] in LA last night. Katie looked great in Berlin [2], but she went even more glamorous last night. Also there to support Tom was his stylish BFFs Will and Becks. It's Tom's time to show off his movie, but he recently took the time to gush about his wife. He said, [3] "I have a lot of respect for [Katie] as an artist, as a woman. She's a very strong, gracious woman. She's very funny, a great comedian." Some of you don't have a lot of faith in Katie's acting skills [4], but it sounds like Tom can't say enough kind words about her. Of course, being the mother of his adorable little girl may make him a bit biased but we can't blame him.


Lots more pics of the gang above plus Jenna Elfman so just

Images include Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Will Smith, Meryl Streep, Robert Redford, David Beckham, Jenna Elfman.

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