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Lips That Won't Smear

Lips That Won't Smear

It's a lip stain's sole duty to last all night, throughout chatting, air-kissing, and anything else. Who has time re-apply when the camera is always on, anyway?

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Tired of your lip color lasting all of five minutes? Well, we've got the solution: lip stain. They're lightweight, long-lasting, and we found three that won't flake or dry out your lips. Now this is gonna be your next must-have. Stila Stain does double duty because it's not only a lip stain but also a blush. It comes in an array of colors, but this acai crush is the best because it's an eye-catching, vibrant magenta. It's perfect for work but also vamps up any date night look. Use the brush to apply it to your lips, but when applying it to your cheeks, use a makeup sponge so that you don't stain your fingers. Another great two-in-one stain is Vincent Longo. It's water and sweat resistant, so it will stay on your cheeks all day long. For the lips, the key to this look is layering. Apply one coat for a flushed look, and add more later for a sultry night time style. Now when you look at the bottle, it looks a little too dark for your cheek, but when you put it on, it spreads out lightly and has a nice pink shade. If you're looking for more out of your lip stain, this one by Mark is a serious double agent because it gives you two totally different looks. First, it goes on like a gloss, giving you a plump, glassy effect. And then, when you think it might be time to reapply, it actually leaves behind a stain in the same color, giving you a just-bitten, matte look. The gloss actually has a creamy texture that feels smooth on the lips. And a quick tip: apply this over another stain to create your own color and add shine. These lip stains are the perfect addition to your makeup bag. They're long-lasting, they don't flake, and they give you a pretty look every time, which is always something to smile about. I'm Kirbie and thanks for watching BellaSugar TV.

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