Last weekend, Liz Hurley tied the knot in Wales with Arun Nayar. This week, the festivities continued with a traditional Hindu ceremony in Jodhpur, India. Unfortunately, the couple's (second) big day was skewed by a spat between some journalists and security guards who were in attendance. Here's more:

The fight began outside Mehrangarh fort, the venue for a dinner, after a television reporter was slapped by a security guard as journalists tried to chase the celebrity couple's car.

Angry journalists then broke through one of the security cordons, setting off a fist fight with the security guards that lasted nearly an hour. No major injuries were reported.

Ahh, the high price a celebrity must pay for fame. It looks like the family still made the best of the weekend though - how cute are Liz and Damian dressed up in their traditional Indian garb? We love that Liz and Arun got the best of both their worlds for their wedding celebrations.

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