Lindsay Lohan headed out to Winstons last night looking awfully smiley for a girl whose dirty, catty laundry may be aired Paris Exposed style. It seems that every few months someone seems to catch wind of Lohan's newest private MySpace account and releases little nuggets of her public comments to the gossip hungry masses. This time, though, her "friends only" MySpace account (warning, even the URL has NSFW language) has been hacked. The perpetrator released a few juicy tidbits including gmail exchanges with Shanna Moakler and Stavros and a depressingly high school and made-up-word-using MySpace fight with Paris. It's a self-loathingly (at least for me) interesting read.

Supposedly (and I'm not sure how much of this I believe), the person or people behind this hack job are now somehow in cahoots with the Paris Exposed (NSFW video starts on clicking) jerks dudes and are planning on releasing a similar, subscription-based website with all the content sometime this weekend. Oh the irony, considering Lindsay discusses the Paris Exposed mess in the hacked MySpace exchange. While, yes, Lindsay's privacy should be respected, I must say I'll be curious to see how this one plays out. And by that, I mean reading these private messages is pret-ty entertaining. Sue me. Or better yet, she's probably gonna sue them.

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