Last night some of my favorite fabulous ladies attended the P.S. ARTS Party held at the Chanel boutique Beverly Hills. Ginnifer and Chris have long supported the organization, so it's no surprise to see them out for the cause. And don't they just look thrilled to be there? SMG may love herself a good bargain, but a party at Chanel definitely brings out the glamor-loving celebrity in her (and, apparently, a kinda 80s look). Needless to say - R-Bils is a highlight and it pains me to say, but perhaps the hair is pulled back a little too tight? Ouch. So, who is winning the battles of Chanel?

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Images include Hilary Duff, Ginnifer Goodwin, Rachel Bilson, Chris Klein, Amanda Peet, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Mara, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kerry Washington, Kathy Hilton, Rick Hilton, Jennifer Morrison, Lisa Kudrow, Kelly Carlson, Golden Brooks