Liv was looking very summery in her fashionable floral dress as she stepped out of her West Village town house this week. She headed over to the Free Arts Benefit which raises money to bring art to abused and neglected children. Liv has opened up in the past regarding a healthy weight and now she's saying that hibernating isn't the best thing for a new mom, especially one who wants to lose weight. She tells Britain's You magazine all about her personal battle with the baby bulge. Here's more:

"I was not one of those women who just dropped pounds instantly when I was breastfeeding....Actually, I got so homely I was ravenous for things like doughnuts and cakes."

"I can remember walking down the street one day – I was going to the nail salon – when ... a photographer took my picture," she recalls.

"I was wearing a very unflattering shirt that I had worn when I was pregnant and a pair of sweat pants, and when the picture appeared in a magazine they ran a caption asking if I was pregnant again. When I saw it I said, 'I think the holiday is over.' "

Once focused on taking action, "I did a million different things," she says. "I would be on a strict protein diet and then a raw diet, and then I would do colonics and fasting. And I did Pilates, yoga and working out with my trainer."

Colonics and fasting?! Those are some pretty drastic measures. She's looking good now but hopefully she's on a more healthy diet and exercise regimen! To check out more pics just read more

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