August 13th, when Weeds comes back and Californication premieres on Showtime, can't come soon enough -- and this screening of the shows just makes me more incredibly excited. Last night the stars came out in Hollywood and, well, I think it's pretty needless to say how amazing I think MK looks! She is so happy, tooth smile and all! On the show MK plays a good Christian girl and it looks like she's keeping up the image with that big cross. Unfortunately Ashley wasn't out with her twin to show off their similar but differently fabulous styles. MLP was radiant even if this isn't my favorite dress while David exuded his standard level of effortless cool. This isn't the first time the two newly back-to-back shows have done promotions together and I'm certainly hoping it's not the last. Long live Weedsifornication.

To see a lot of really cute pictures from the premiere including more MK, MLP, David, Hunter & Romany plus Natascha McElhone, Matthew Modine and more just read more

Images include Mary-Kate Olsen, Hunter Parrish, Justin Kirk, Mary-Louise Parker, Natascha McElhone, Page Kennedy, Romany Malco, Shiva Rose, Jennifer Carpenter, David Duchovny, Matthew Modine and daughter Ruby