Matthew McConaughey stopped by Letterman last night (the interview airs tonight) and The Today Show this morning to promote a movie that looks like it could sweep next year's razzies. Fool's Gold hits theaters this weekend and Matt is busy batting those baby blues to convince us that his movie is going to be worth our $10. On Today he dished about his lifestyle, his film, and the mini world traveler he's going to raise. Here are highlights:

  • On his character in Fool's Gold: “If you’ve ever been somebody running down a dream, and if you imagine something can be true, well, then it must be true. And so he’s got to get the gold and keep the girl.”
  • On being so laid back: “I worked hard to get a lifestyle and live in a place where I don’t have to wear a shirt or shoes. I’m going to keep working on it so I can put myself on a beach somewhere on the planet. Yeah, I enjoy the sunshine and I enjoy the summertime.”
  • On his baby on the way: "“Well, that child is probably going to fill his passport pretty quickly. Culture and travel’s been the best education I’ve had in my life and my child’s going to have that, hopefully.”

It's a good thing we can focus on Matt being cute about his baby because we're not feeling all that confident in his newest movie, even though we've loved seeing him team up with Kate Hudson in the past. Molly is feeling brave enough to check it out for us, so be sure to keep a lookout for her review on Buzz later this week.

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