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Relive All the MTV Movie Awards Madness — in GIFs

Apr 14 2014 - 12:47pm

There's always one thing you can be sure of when it comes to the MTV Movie Awards: things are going to get a little crazy. You might be watching the show as it airs, but we know there are definitely a few moments you're going to want to see again. From the red carpet antics — including those adorable puppies — to everything that happened once the show started, keep scrolling as we go over all the fun and madness!

Source: MTV [1]
Front Page Image Source: Getty [2]

When Grumpy Cat Was Simply Not Having It

Source: MTV [3]

When Katy Perry Beat Conan at Arm Wrestling

Source: MTV [4]

When Rihanna Brought Down the House

Source: MTV [5]

When Taylor Swift Made a Surprise Appearance

Source: MTV [6]

When Josh Hutcherson Was Super Stoked About Winning

Source: MTV [7]

When Lupita Nyong'o Was Her Usual Flawless Self

Source: MTV [8]

When Zac Efron Stopped Our Hearts With His Flexing

Source: MTV [9]

When Zac Efron Blew Us Shirtless Kisses

Source: MTV [10]

When Eminem and Rihanna Hugged It Out

Source: MTV [11]

When Dave Franco Charmed Us With His Smile

Source: MTV [12]

When Tyler Posey Let Loose on the Red Carpet

Source: MTV [13]

When Jonah Hill Snuck In a Bro Hug With Channing Tatum

Source: MTV [14]

When Adam Sandler Totally Made a Toilet Cameo

Source: MTV [15]

When Rihanna Talked About Incredibly Important Issues

Source: MTV [16]

When Puppies Invaded Everything

Source: MTV [17]

When Dylan O'Brien Took a Break to Cuddle One of Said Puppies

Source: MTV [18]

When Rita Ora Joined an Adorable Selfie

Source: MTV [19]

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