For all you Madonna fans, the latest news on her upcoming album is that we can expect an April 2008 release date! Obviously, we're thrilled to see what Madonna will do next — especially when she's collaborating with Kanye! The album is supposedly going to be called Licorice, so as you can imagine, we can't wait to eat this new treat up. In other Madonna news, seems like NYC is giving her a hard time expanding her empire. The family spends most their time in London, but they want to enlarge their NYC digs and unfortunately her plans to expand into her ex-neighbor's apartment were thwarted by the co-op board in her building. Of course, M isn't going down without a fight, and filed a suit in Manhattan Supreme Court against the board for breach of contract. Sounds like a bit of a sticky situation, but something tells us that Madonna is going to end up getting what she wants.