Mandy Moore is on a promotional tour. These pics are from Sundance and as much as we love Mandy we're not loving the mustard outfit. Luckily she looked like her beautiful self on Letterman last night. She's one busy lady these days with lots to promote. Here's highlights:

  • It's a big year for you: A new film (Because I Said So), an album, a Sundance film (Dedication). Did you plan it this way?
    It's all serendipitous. Obviously, last year I knew that 2007 was going to be sort of a year of change for me because I had all of these new projects, which really reflect a lot of growth that occurred last year. So I've been looking forward to 2007 for a while now.
  • The media will certainly analyze the lyrics looking for clues about your past relationships (especially with ex-boyfriend Zach Braff).
    I'm not really worried about it. People can infer what they want from the songs and that's perfectly fine. I just know in a selfish way it was like therapy for me. Whatever was going on in my life, just to be able to get it down and turn a negative situation into something I felt a little more positive about at the end of the day, it's cathartic.

Seems like she's in a pretty good place to us. And if she wants to bare her soul, her music is just going to be better for it. We can't wait to hear Mandy's new music and check her out on the big screen. Until then enjoy more pics of Mandy at the Dedication premiere just read more