Marion Cotillard Pictures Arriving at The Daily Show

Marion Cotillard Jokes With Jon Stewart About Germs and Her Comedy Favorites

Marion Cotillard in NYC for The Daily Show.

Marion Cotillard was in plaid last night to stop by The Daily Show's NYC studios. She's out talking up her new movie after attending Contagion's NYC premiere Wednesday. So far, the Contagion reviews are great, and the Steven Soderbergh picture could give three-weeks-running box office champ The Help some serious competition. As Marion arrived on stage to chat with Jon Stewart, she joked about the germaphobe nature of her movie by not shaking his hand and only offering air kisses. She went on to talk about how making the film made her paranoid about germs, especially because she was pregnant. The conversation took a lighter turn, though, when she revealed her love of comedies and said that Will Ferrell, "is my god!"