Marion Cotillard Wetsuit Pictures With Killer Whale

Marion Cotillard Slips Into a Wetsuit to Train Killer Wales in France

Marion Cotillard gave direction to an orca whale in Antibes, France.

Marion Cotillard looked the part while wearing a full-body wetsuit, as she practiced to play a killer-whale trainer at Marineland in Antibes, France, yesterday. Marion fed fish to the enormous orca, and started to learn and practice the commands to act alongside the whales in her upcoming movie Rust and Bone. Marion and her son, Marcel, touched down in Nice this week, so the actress could start preproduction on her latest film after the two made a brief stop in her native Paris. Marion Cotillard's cute son is only 4 months old at this point, but he's already quite the jet-setter with his famous mom. He also accompanied Marion on her stateside Contagion press tour last month and when she worked on various locations for The Dark Knight Rises over the Summer.


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