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Mark vs. Jake: Indie Flick Man Fight!!

Oh, it is on! Yesterday morning we brought you a few quotes from a recent article in which Jake Gyllenhaal talked about how difficult it was to work with the notoriously picky David Fincher on Zodiac. At the time we noted that Jakey, while adorable, came on as a touch whiney in the article. Apparently we weren't the only ones who noticed. Yesterday, his co-star in the film, Mark Rufalo, had some choice comments of his own on what it was like to work with the director. Here's more:

"Yeah, you hear stories about him being so hard and intense," Ruffalo said. "And then I met him, and I immediately just loved the guy and was thinking , 'Well, when is he going to change? When is this guy that you keep hearing about going to pop up?' And my relationship and friendship with him got deeper as we went along. I think Fincher, what he has no patience for is incompetence or just a casual attitude toward the work. If you come in and you don't know your lines and you're not prepared, Fincher's going to eat you for breakfast. You know? And so the actors who complain about Fincher are usually the ones who don't show up knowing their shit, kind of."

Oh. Snap. For more of Thinly Veiled Zing-alo just read more

Ah. So that whole thing last week with Jake Gyllenhaal's thinly-veiled Fincher critiques ("So there came a point where I would say, well, what do I do? Where’s the risk?") in The New York Times -- was that blown out of proportion?

"Like I said," Ruffalo replied, "Fincher only has a problem with people if they're not prepared -- if they're not ready to work when they show up. Whatever form that takes -- whether it's a prop person, an actor or whatever. I thought there were a lot of weird sour grapes in that New York Times article. We're actors, man; we get paid way too much. It's like 'Wah, wah, wah' to me to hear an actor bitching and moaning when they get paid as much as they do and we have a pretty great life. I don't have much sympathy for it."

Wow, soooo I take it he's not a huge fan of Jake's work ethic or possible sense of entitlement? It will be interesting to see how, if at all, Jakey responds to this, because we're thinking there might be a finely chiseled face somewhere in NY whose feelings are a touch hurt. Talk about an awkward red carpet much? Play nice, Boys.









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