After showing off an adventurous tan ensemble while receiving his star yesterday afternoon, Matt was back to gray for the big LA premiere of The Bourne Ultimatum. It was a little Hawaiian vacation reunion when Ben and Jen came out for the premiere. How cute are Matt and Ben together again on the red carpet? Love it. Not sure why the extremely well-paid Ellen Pompeo was in the house, but hey, she looked nice. Three time Bourne bit player Julia Stiles is lovely, but could maybe use a bra. Just saying. We have to wait until August 3rd to see Matt back as awesome Jason Bourne, but this is getting me all excited for the movie all over again. In case you missed the full trailer, check it out here. He remembers!

To see a lot more pictures from the red carpet including Garner looking gorgeous, Matt & Ben being adorable, Joan Allen, Joely Richardson, Paul Greengrass and many more just read more

Images include Ben Affleck, Edgar Ramirez, Ellen Pompeo, Jennifer Garner, Jo Champa, Joan Allen, Joely Richardson, Julia Stiles, Luciana Barroso, Matt Damon, Nancy Carisson-Paige, Pat Crowley, Paul Greengrass