Matt got some help from Ben as one of the hosts for the One X One benefit gala last night at the Toronto Film Festival. The event raises money for domestic and global children's charities, which will prove to be a good warm-up for our favorite Bostonian BFFs who are headed to Africa today. In the past, Matt has teamed up with his Ocean's buddies to raise awareness as well as heading to Africa himself, but this will be the first time that Ben joins him. Clearly the situation in Africa is an issue that Matt feels very strongly about, saying,

"When people are subsisting on less than $1 a day they're not getting educated, they're not getting adequate health care, they're not getting enough food. Those are the issues that you go, 'Look, as a citizen of the world, I'm not going to stand for this.' These are not problems that can't be solved - these are problems that can be solved."

It always makes us happy to hear about celebs rolling up their sleeves and getting directly involved in philanthropy. In other happy Damon news, Matt is set to star alongside Sean Penn in a new movie about politician Harvey Milk. The movie will begin filming in San Francisco in December which means hopefully we'll have some awesome celebrity sightings to report in just a few months.

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