Matt Damon Bullfight Pictures in Mexico

Matt Damon Attends a Mexican Bullfight as We Bought a Zoo Sneaks Into Theaters

Matt Damon left a bullfight in Mexico.

Matt Damon flashed a smile last night when he left a bullfight at Mexico's La Monumental stadium. He was seen in the stands during the action, laughing with his friends and downing an enormous drink. Matt's south of the border for the time being, but he's got a few big things going on back home in the US. His We Bought a Zoo isn't out until Dec. 23, but the studio behind the picture, Fox, has a special Thanksgiving plan. There will be over 800 theaters hosting special screenings of We Bought a Zoo over the long weekend in order to build buzz ahead of the official release. Matt and also teamed up for National Toilet Day, which was Saturday. Matt's "Talk Sh*t All Week" video came out last week to promote the unconventional holiday designed to raise awareness about global sanitation and access to clean water.

Source: Ramey