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Matt Damon and His Feathered Hair Return to Work on Liberace Movie

Matt Damon got ready to film on the set of Behind the Candelabra.

Matt Damon and Michael Douglas were back to work on Behind the Candelabra in Palm Springs on Monday. Michael plays Liberace while Matt inhabits the role of his lover, Scott Thorson, in the movie, and filming has already given us a glimpse at the amazing hair and wardrobe we can expect when it hits HBO. Pilates with wife Luciana Damon helped Matt get in shape for the role, which so far has had him showing off a clean, waxed chest on set.

While on the West Coast for work, Matt and his family also found time to catch up with the Garner-Afflecks, including their newest addition and first son, Samuel. Matt and Luciana have four daughters and while meeting the baby boy must be a treat, they've said they're capped out when it comes to kids of their own.


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