Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson on Anderson Cooper's Show

Matt and Scarlett Try Their Hand at Talk Show Hosting

We Bought a Zoo stars Scarlett and Matt sat down to chat with Anderson on his daytime talk show.

Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson stopped by Anderson Cooper's daytime show, Anderson, recently to chat about their soon-to-be released family film, We Bought a Zoo. Matt spoke about raising four daughters and what they have planned for the holidays. Matt said, "Well, this year I did this movie and then another one so it was a really busy year. We are just going to hang out. . . I just want to sit on the couch really."

Scarlett told us at the NYC premiere of We Bought a Zoo that she wants to relax over the next few weeks as well. She didn't talk to Anderson about her end-of-year itinerary, nor did she touch on her rumored boyfriend Dan White. Manhattan-raised Scarlett did, though, reveal that she never rides the subway.

Matt and Scarlett joined Anderson in the audience to field questions from fans. Matt seemed a bit intimidated when Anderson offered him a chance to host the show for a bit, but he got a hand from his Tony-winning costar, Scarlett. See Matt, Scarlett, director Cameron Crowe, and the rest of the Zoo cast when their interview airs on Anderson tomorrow.