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Matt & George Still Happy To Show Off Ocean's

Jun 8 2007 - 11:46am

Brad hung back in LA [0], but George, Matt & Ellen took the Ocean's Thirteen premiere train to Chicago last night. Surprisingly, they still looked totally good natured about the exhausting schedule. Hey, anything in the name of an excellent charity [0]! As for their time in Vegas to promote the Sin City-based film, Don Cheadle had this to say [1] about George's luck, "He's the unluckiest guy in the world, so you can take his chips really fast,” he joked. “Brad’s the luckiest.” “I feel like it,” Brad added. Awww, that's pretty adorable. With all these premieres, I wonder if they're sick of watching the movie yet? As for the rest of us, we finally get to see the boys back on screen making up for Ocean's Twelve. Check out Buzz's full review of Thirteen here [2] -- sounds like so much fun!


More pics including Bruce Willis, Don Cheadle and Bernie Mac so just

Images include: George Clooney, Matt Damon, Ellen Barkin, Bruce Willis, Don Cheadle, Bernie Mac

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