Matt Damon looked beefcake central (Red Sox represent! Holla!) showing up to tape Late Night With David Letterman yesterday afternoon. More on his adorable interview with Dave in a little, but first check out how cute he was talking about Ben in a recent interview. I sincerely heart that these two are BFFs again. On his relationship with Affleck:

In terms of my 'hetero-life-mate', as I think Kevin Smith once said in one of his movies, we're not working on a script right now, but we're talking about a bunch of different things. His career just totally has gone in this really new and exciting direction. I've seen the movie that he directed [Gone, Baby, Gone, a crime thriller co-starring Ben's brother Casey] and it is really good. It's fantastic, the performances are great and every actor is going to want to work with him after they see this thing. It's coming out around October. So he's gone from being an actor to now being a director, now being somebody that can give me a job, so our whole relationship's completely changed [laughs].

I'm sure Ben would be happy to direct his buddy, but I'd love to see the two working side-by-side again both in front of and behind the camera. Now, to see more pictures and his hilarious interview with Dave (including that famous Matthew McConaughey impression) just read more