Matt took a chance in NYC wearing his Red Sox jersey yesterday outside Letterman's studio. He's currently making the rounds to promote Ocean's Thirteen which comes out this weekend. We are totally excited to see all our favorite men come together, especially after seeing how much fun they were having together at Cannes. Matt says, however, that his relationship with George and Brad isn't the same as it used to be. Here's more from his GMA interview:

"There are a ton of kids now. I'm a dad and you know, Brad obviously has got four kids," Damon said. "We're a very different group than we were seven years ago, when we started making these."

"On the, the first week of shooting, we ran out of diapers and we had the baby in the trailer and I just asked Brad if he had a No. 1, because the kids were really small and our kids are really close in age," he said. "And George overheard and he said, 'Now, I have no idea what you two are talking about,' because that's a perfect example of the kind of thing you only know if you have kids. What the hell is a No 1? … And Brad pulled one out and said, 'This is what it looks like.' … And George said, 'Oh, well, you know, those are smaller than the ones I wear.'"

We'd give anything to have seen that! There is definitely no shortage of laughs when these guys get together whether it was their fun carefree days or now as doting dads.

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