After being photographed with his adorable daughter this weekend in NYC Matt decided to become a walking billboard. If you're going to be photographed might as well get a message out there so he wore his One campaign shirt. Just another reason to love Matty! We've decided since some people think it's a stretch for Matt to be People's Sexiest Man Alive then maybe we can campaign for him for the Cutest Dad title. After hearing more quotes about his daughter we'd like to nominate Matt. Here's more:

  • On playing with Isabella:
    "I like to blow on her hand or pretend to munch under her arm, and she laughs and laughs. I can just do that forever," he says proudly. "She laughs so loudly she sounds like a little baby machine gun."
  • On being a new dad:
    "It's amazing to be a new dad. It just defies description. I feel like I got made a member of a club I didn't know existed"
  • On traveling with a child:
    "We roll like J-Lo... When you have kids, you have 10 times the amount of luggage. Where you used to have one bag, you now have a bag for the baby's clothes, the stroller, the car seat, the playpen. Just to get out the door, you have 10 bags. It's nuts."

We enjoyed watching Matt this weekend in Ocean's Thirteen but we really can't wait to see him as Jason Bourne later this summer. I don't' know how he can't win a sexy title after playing that intense, smart, and very buff character.

Source & Flynet