Matthew Celebrates His Bag-Designing Birthday Girl

Matthew McConaughey brought Camila Alves out shopping yesterday in LA on her birthday. Sounds like Matthew knows how to treat his lady to something special, including a stop by a jewelry store to celebrate her 26th before they headed out for her bday dinner at Nobu. While Matthew is on a bit of a break between movies to hang out with Camila and Levi, he still has time to be a part of something good. He's among the celebrities helping Bill Clinton bring his Global Initiative to Austin next month. Things aren't quite as cheery for Camila — Kitson is pitching a fit that her bags aren't selling well since she didn't promote them, which is a pretty standard complaint from the store at this point. Camila's people still claim the line is doing fine, though it doesn't sound like any of you will be lining up to grab her newest design.

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