Matthew McConaughey Lion King Pictures

Matthew McConaughey Takes His Little Ones to See The Lion King

Matthew McConaughey, Levi McConaughey, Vida McConaughey, and Camila Alves McConaughey saw The Lion King. 
Photos courtesy Joe Marzullo/Disney

Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila took their kids, Levi and Vida, to see The Lion King on Broadway last night. It was a popular evening to go to the theater — Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr saw a show, too, Peter and the Starcatcher. Matthew was able to break from promoting Magic Mike to spend time with his family. Camila, Levi, and Vida went along with Matthew to the Big Apple earlier this week to keep him company during the PR whirlwind. Matthew and Camila have only been married for three weeks, and he spoke about their new marriage during a stop at Live! With Kelly. "It is nice, the 'wife.' She loves the sound of that, too. It's a great thing to say for the first time. It's nice to be introduced as her 'husband' . . . we made the covenant."

Photos courtesy Joe Marzullo/Disney