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Our 5 Dream Scenarios For the Mean Girls Reunion

Apr 29 2014 - 3:05am

Mean Girls took the world by storm nearly a decade ago, and to celebrate the 10-year reunion on April 30, Tina Fey [1] recently revealed she's getting the gang back together for something special [2]. Though she ruled out a sequel to the hit film (plus, there was already a less-than-exciting TV movie called Mean Girls 2), star Daniel Franzese confirmed "there's been talks of trying to figure out schedules for all of us to get together for something." [3] Until the real reunion happens, we've dreamt up five scenarios that are so fetch for the anniversary, ranging from an in-character reunion to the perfect parody skit on SNL.

And for now, you can definitely celebrate the big 10-year anniversary by catching up with all the stars have been up to for the past decade [4] and checking out the most recent cast reunions with Lindsay Lohan [5]!

1. They Get Together and Reenact Old Scenes

When Matilda celebrated its 20-year anniversary, one of the big Blu-ray features was of the cast reenacting classic scenes from the films as adults [6]. With all the quotable moments in Mean Girls, the cast could gather and film a "Santa, Baby" performance, the gym scene after the Burn Book pandemonium, or just rattle off some quotes.


2. They Film a Minireunion

Most of the characters in Mean Girls would have graduated soon after the timeline of the film, which makes it the perfect opportunity for a 10-year high school reunion. This would give Fey plenty of snarky one-liners for the cast in a short, fun video. Though everyone was getting along at the end of the movie, let's be real — everyone probably drifted apart, and it would be great to see where the characters are a decade later.

3. They All Act in a Skit on SNL

Just like how Lena Dunham parodied her own show [7], Girls, when she hosted SNL recently, Fey could come by to host the show again and stage a reunion skit. This could be a 10-year reunion sort of idea, Mean Girls: The College Years, or something completely different.

4. They Have a Panel or Party For Fans

They could also have a fun reunion for fans, all reminiscing and getting nostalgic about the movie. This could happen somewhere like Comic-Con or another similar convention, and the cast could share behind-the-scenes stories from filming, reveal where they think their characters would be, and maybe even re-create some scenes on stage.

5. They Trick Us and Actually Make a Sequel

This may be the least likely option, but Fey could be lying to us and they could already be putting together a sequel. Since the Mean Girls [8] musical is in its early stages, Fey is in the mindset of the characters, so it could happen. We're totally game for them to have that 10-year reunion in any form — in or out of character.

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