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Meet The Newest Jolie-Pitt!!

It's official, the Jolie-Pitts have a new member! At 9AM in Vietnam, Angelina and Maddox (who accompanied his mother to Vietnam) participated in the official adoption ceremony to welcome Pax Thien Jolie (renamed from Pham Quang Sang) into their family. Pax Thien, who has been in the orphanage since 2003, allegedly cried during the ceremony, but his new mom and brother were there to comfort him. From here, Angelina only has to meet with Vietnamese adoption officials and arrange for his passport before being able to bring him home to meet the rest of the family. This next while will surely be a bit of a culture shock (to say the least) for the new little one, but I'm sure the entire Jolie-Pitt clan will do everything they can to ensure his transition is as seamless as possible. His life will surely be different under the care of Angelina and Brad, but he will certainly be surrounded with love (and soccer balls). Congratulations to the family!

Hey guys, this is a happy event, so let's try to keep the comments happy! Thanks!






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