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Meet Pocket Edward, Our New Favorite Robert Pattinson Fun!

Mar 31 2009 - 12:11pm

This Robert Pattinson [1]/Edward doll has all the fun! Last night I came across this hilarious website Pocket Edward [2], which chronicles the adventures of one figurine. So it's a little different than our usual celebrity photo fare, but this was too good to resist. The captions are really priceless like for the pizza, "I may be a vampire but i'm still a gentleman. May I offer you a slice of pizza?" or for the french fries, "Sharing my french fries during lunch. I had to appear human for my coworkers. Can’t wait to go hunting for my real dinner in the woods." Introducing himself to the Paul Rudd [3] EW? Priceless. Check out some of our favorites below and more on the great site [4]. Every one is so amazing, feel free to leave your own caption ideas below. Anonymous comments are open on this post!


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