Meet Pocket Edward, Our New Favorite Robert Pattinson Fun!

This Robert Pattinson/Edward doll has all the fun! Last night I came across this hilarious website Pocket Edward, which chronicles the adventures of one figurine. So it's a little different than our usual celebrity photo fare, but this was too good to resist. The captions are really priceless like for the pizza, "I may be a vampire but i'm still a gentleman. May I offer you a slice of pizza?" or for the french fries, "Sharing my french fries during lunch. I had to appear human for my coworkers. Can’t wait to go hunting for my real dinner in the woods." Introducing himself to the Paul Rudd EW? Priceless. Check out some of our favorites below and more on the great site. Every one is so amazing, feel free to leave your own caption ideas below. Anonymous comments are open on this post!

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