Mia Wasikowska, Henry Hopper, and Bryce Dallas Howard 2011 Cannes Film Festival Pictures

Mia Wasikowska, Hot Henry Hopper, and Bryce Dallas Howard Are Restless in Cannes

Mia Wasikowska, Hot Henry Hopper, and Bryce Dallas Howard Are Restless in Cannes

Mia Wasikowska and up-and-comer Henry Hopper star as lovestruck teenagers in Restless, which debuted at Cannes on Thursday and was followed up by a photo call on Friday. The Gus Van Sant film marks Bryce Dallas Howard's debut as a producer and was written by one of her best friends. Bryce had her father, Ron Howard, helping out as executive producer, though Gus said that she was the one who was hands on from start to finish. Bryce went with a billowy gown for the premiere, but she admitted during today's press interviews that the dress was actually a last-minute switch since she had a bit of trouble with the zipper of her intended one and actually cut herself out of it to switch into this strapless number minutes before hitting the red carpet. Mia looked gorgeous in red for Thursday's event and an intricate nude frock yesterday as she posed with her costars. Her chemistry with Henry is at the center of the movie, which is a sweet story about a death-obsessed teen named Enoch and Annabel, who has terminal brain cancer.

Henry is following in his father Dennis Hopper's footsteps with his big-screen debut, and the 20-year-old actor shares the same speech pattern and affectations as his iconic dad. Restless is dedicated to Dennis's memory, after dying suddenly in May 2010. Gus said that Dennis did have a chance to see a cut of the film before his passing and saw a lot of himself in Henry's performance. As for the best advice Dennis ever gave Henry: "Be cool." Lots more to come from our Cannes press day interviews with Mia, Gus, Henry, and Bryce!

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