Michael Buble in Napa With Jason Priestley

Michael Bublé Makes a Special Stop in Napa to Sing, Share About Luisana, His Wedding, and More For Beringer & Bublé

Michael Bublé in Napa.

Michael Bublé made a special appearance at Beringer Vineyards in St. Helena on Friday. He's been working with the winery, which is one of his Crazy Love tour sponsors, throughout the year and made the trip to Napa to meet with press and perform for 200 lucky fans who won the Beringer & Bublé contest. Also on hand for the event were Jason Priestley and his wife, Naomi Lowde, who enjoyed dinner and watched the show from the audience. We sat down with Michael before he hit the stage and he showed off his charming personality, shared a sample of his sexy voice, and toasted the room with a glass of Beringer Sauvignon Blanc. During the chat, Michael opened up about meeting his wife, Luisana Lopilato, their wedding in Argentina, his Christmas album, and more:

  • On being in Napa with Luisana: "She's here. I asked her if she wanted to come here and hang out with me and she didn't. She was outside tanning, and now she's at the spa having a massage and a faahh-shil (facial) as she calls it. We arrived late, late last night and had a hot tub off our balcony, which was nice; we had a little glass of wine.
  • On meeting his wife: "She went to go see me, I was in concert in Argentina. When I saw her my security was whisking me away to a room. I thought she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I was actually really crushed because I knew that I wouldn't get to meet her again. I was with my grandpa and I was really down, I'd come out of a relationship and I was feeling really destroyed over it. I was sitting there, probably drinking a little too much. The guy who runs the record company asked me if I wanted to meet Argentina's most famous actor. I said fine, and there she walked in. I didn't know what to do. She was with this guy who looked like Brad Pitt on steroids. I just thought well that's great, and thank you God. I didn't want to hit on her because they were obviously together. I sat down, and she didn't speak English, and I didn't speak Spanish, but this guy with her spoke English. I sat with him and I tried very softly to ask him questions and find out what was going on between them. By my third scotch it was like 'you're so beautiful.' I remember grabbing his arm and being like, 'God I hate you. You're such a good looking couple.' And he's like 'no, we're not a couple.' At the same time she was on the phone texting her mom saying, 'I come to meet Michael Bublé and he is so gay.' It took me a couple days to convince her I wasn't."
  • On getting married: "The best night of my life I've ever had was the wedding night in Argentina. We partied, danced, drank, yelled, and screamed until 7 in the morning. It was beautiful. I made the deal with Lu we were going to get married there so all her people could come but my people weren't there. So I had an unwedding, as some people call it, I had a party in Vancouver. But then everyone said 'look he's doing it again, he must be the most romantic . . .' I'm just like stop, I'm not. It seemed so cheesy. It really creeps me out that people thought I was getting married four times. You know nothing against Seal and Heidi Klum, but I don't know about getting married every single year. Renewing your vows every five years or something cute like that, that's fine."
  • On settling down and having kids: "My home base will be in Vancouver, and Los Angeles, and Argentina. I'll split the time between Argentina and Vancouver until we hopefully have kids. And even then until they're about 4 or 5 years old we don't really have to worry too much. But it's going to be an issue. Obviously she loves her country, she's proud of her country, that's where her friends and family are."
  • On writing songs for people: "I've never written songs for someone. I write songs that are inspired by the feelings I have at the time whether I'm in love or my heart is broken. I don't seem to write very well if I'm just normal. Now I'm content and I will probably never write a hit song again."
  • On his Christmas album: "This morning I had to work, I was recording with Shania Twain for my Christmas record. She's in Europe. I was on Skype connected to my music producer David Foster, who was connected to Shania with her new husband and kids. I have one more date with David and then I have to go in with Bob Rock, who's another incredible producer. Then I start doing press, photoshoots, I'll start doing the music videos. Come November I'm sure they'll have me . . . I'm not sure how many countries I'll be in but I'm sure wherever they celebrate Christmas I'll be around."
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